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Lookin’ Good!

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 Bring Your Own Piece

 Our exclusive BYOP Workshop is back. If you have a piece laying around you have been meaning to get to, we will show you how it is done! Bring your own piece to this 8 week series and we will walk you through the steps. 

We have 10 spots available. First come, first served.

April 5 -May 24, 2020: Sundays 10am-1pm 

Workshop includes 8 weeks of hands on instruction, as well as tools and materials needed to rebuild your piece .*

In this workshop you will learn:

Deconstruction and evaluation

Measuring for fabric


Wood Finishing (paint and stain)

Paint Techniques




*Materials include what we have on hand at the shop. Foam, paint, stain, springs, webbing, etc. Anything not on hand will need to be ordered by the student. We can source any materials needed through our wholesalers. Fabric is not included, but we have options available for $5 a yard.