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Clark’s Fabrication got it start in our garage. We began our makers journey by rescuing furniture from the dump, refinishing it, and selling it online. In just under a year we grew from a 400 sq. ft. garage to a 4,000 sq. ft. workshop. It gave us the opportunity to share our deign ideas with home owners, architects and interior designers alike. We would love to show you what the ropes of flipping furniture for profit, as well as help you discover the value of your craft while maybe bringing you in a little extra income along the way!


Class Itinerary

Part 1 – Finding and Evaluating Furniture: Minimizing your out of pocket expenses.

Part 2 – Tools and Supplies*: Starter tools & tool  investments.

Part 3 – Power Tool Safety and Use.

Part 4 – Cleaning & Prepping.

Part 5 – Painting & Staining.

Part 6 – Upholstery: Reconstructing from new materials.

Part 7 – Getting Started on Social Media: Craigslist, Pages and Facebook Marketplace.

Part 8 – Staging and Selling.

Part 9 – Engagement and advertising.

*Some materials and furniture will be provided throughout. You will be required to purchase some materials for reconstructing larger pieces of furniture. fabric is not included.

Class Schedule

November 5th – January 8th 6 pm – 8 pm