Sometimes we happen across a piece of furniture so amazing it moves us to the core. These chairs do just that. We knew when we found them we had discovered something truly profound.

We found these 10 chairs on Facebook Marketplace. At first glance, they were just awesome looking chairs. We are currently working on a dining set using refurbished Good Form Aluminum Chairs, and these wood chairs had the same look and feel. We knew we could get a good set out of them, maybe even two!

Once we got them in the shop we started researching the brand and learning more about their value. What we found was that they were most likely more valuable than we we intitially thought!

Marble and Shattuck Chair Co. was established in 1885 in Bedford Ohio. The name was used on their furniture until 1894. Although conflicting information would suggest the name would continue to be used into the early 1900’s since it has been recorded that the company moved to Cleveland in 1901.

These particular chairs appear to be courtroom chairs, as they reflect the style and characteristics. Each chair is branded with the Marble and Shattuck Cleveland. Markings on the bottom and are painted on, showing the manufacturing numbers identifying the run and materials used. Some of them appear to have a date stamp of ’28, implying I believe that these particular chairs were made in Cleveland Ohio on or around 1928, and not in Bedford in the late 1800’s (not all of them have the date marked). When investigating the value of these chairs, similar to the date range and condition of our own, we found that they are selling anywhere from $150$800 a pair.

Our plan?

Our original plan was to create two dining sets from the 10. One with 6 chairs, and a smaller set with 4 chairs. We would repair the two that need simple repairs, sand them down, and put new stain and seal on all of them. The 6 chair set would go with an oblong farmhouse table, and we would find a sweet round pedestal table for the smaller set.

Now that we have done some research, there is some hesitation to touch them at all. We would like to have an expert take a look to let us know what their real value is, and base our approach to fixing them up on that result. If they are just really cool old chairs, we will sand and stain as planned, if there is gold here, we may refinish to period and try and sell them at full value. If they have real value as is, we may just look for the right buyer!

All I can say is I am completely in love with these chairs. To see them in person is to fall for them. Touching them will make you audibly swoon… Seriously. I just wish we could have nice things of our own ;).