Want to learn how to reupholster your own furniture? Build your own cabinet? Re-imagine that piece that has been sitting around in your basement for ten years? Register for one of our workshops today, and we can show you how. We change our schedule monthly, so don’t forget to come back and check out what we have to offer!

Open Workshop

Open workshop to those who have taken workshops with us previously. Minimum 3 participants required to open.

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BYOP Workshop

Bring in your own piece and we will show you how to re-imagine it yourself in this extended 8 week series!

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Church Pew Dining Set

  Though this particular set came together slowly over the course of a year, I could picture it in my minds eye from day one. Since before I can remember I have had the ability to visualize an idea, see it through to the end, and turn it into action. I am happy...

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